What is it?

What is 360° Google Street View?

It’s a discovery journey through your company.
Your potential clients can walk through your business using the Google Street View technology.

This is realized by taking 360° pictures and connecting these to create awalk-through.  This is perfect for restaurants, stores, hotels, fitness centers, hairdressers, beauty salons, etc…
The possibilities are endless.

These tours are not just displayed on Google Search results, Google Maps and Google my Business, but can also be easily added to your own website or social media pages (ex. Facebook).

The pictures can only be taken by a Google certified photographer (indicated by the badge to the right)

The same Street View Technology that is used for streets all over the world, is now available for your business.
We put high quality, interactive panoramic 360° pictures online for you.

The photo sessions are short, don’t disrupt your activities and can be personalized to your own preferences.

You can have a virtual tour starting at 299€ (for 5 panoramic pictures - excl. taxes).  
This is a one time cost (no monthly, yearly, or other hidden fees).


Attract New Clients

With the interactive functions, clients that find you online, can walk around, admire your interior and get to know your business up close.
It is a great way to accentuate your interior, the atmosphere and the unique features of your business.

Images are portrayed in Google search results and Google Maps

This will increase visibility in the search results on Google and Google Maps.

Pictures can be easily integrated on your own website

You can easily integrate the virtual tour on your own site or social media page (ex. Facebook).

Higher Ranking

By posting content on your Google My Business page, you increase your ranking with Google. 

How Can This Benefit My Business?

Google reports that 44% of consumers use mapping products. Additionally, 41% of searches for specific places result in an on-site visit — sometimes even that same day. Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest than those without. By giving your customers a tour before they come to see you in person, you can help to highlight what's special about your store. You can show them why they should choose to come to your store rather than visit a competitor in the area. Overall, it is great for your marketing strategy.


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