About Antwerp Art Studio

I’ve loved taking pictures as far back as I can remember. Capturing stunning images is my passion; it’s what gets me up in the morning.

90’s style fashion photography really inspires me and whether I’m shooting films, interiors, boudoirs or a product campaign, you can bet it’ll have a fashion edge to it.

Photography has taken me all around the world and enabled me to work with all types of different people and industries. What I’ve learned from it all is that variety IS the spice of life. It’s the heart and soul of my pictures.

I’ve photographed everything from models in New York to beaches in South America to temples in Bali to diamonds in Antwerp. Each and every experience has enriched my craft in it’s own unique way.

I live in Antwerp, so I spend most of my downtime chasing the sun with my travel buddy, muse and wife Ritza or playing with our goofy dogs. They’re the source of all the drive and creativity I bring to my work.

My pictures are all about beauty, power, clean lines and style and I’m always in pursuit of that next perfect image.


Antwerp Art Studio
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